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OpenPnP Driver compatible with SmoothieBoard for OpenPnP machine

The purpose of this design is to offer solution compatible with official SmoothieBoard. The idea is to have PCB compatible also with Erich DIY SMT Pick&Place Machine.

And let me thank Erich for his great job and description of his machine building process + sharing all the important ideas and aspects.

And big thanks also to smoothieboard for their perfect design, support and documentation.

OpenPnP Driver board

OpenPnP Driver board

Here, you can see the 3D model from KiCad ...

OpenPnP Driver Layout

... the PCB Layout (be careful, values of some components & silkscreens have changed, gerber files and BOM in the zip file bellow are updated) ...

OpenPnP Driver board finished

... finished board with TMC2209 stepper motors drivers ...

OpenPnP Driver board finished

... and with heatsinks sticked.

You can download the complete zip file with gerber files for version 1.1 and documentation inside it here (there are minor changes from version 1.0 to 1.1 in silkscreens and values of some components, BOM is OK):